“Tell me, princess. Now, when did you last let your heart decide?”

                                                                                      – Aladdin

Just like that of Princess Jasmine and her beloved Aladdin, the love story of Estefany and Khoshaba is reminiscent of one of the greatest tales ever told. These two young lovers are, without question, bound to each other in love and in life. When Estefany speaks of Khoshaba, it isn’t difficult to tell that he is the one whom her heart has chosen.

We are beyond grateful to have been able to join them in celebrating their union as husband and wife. The couple wed in the Hellenic Community Centre, in London’s charming South side, with an astonishing 500 guests in attendance.

Estefany shared with me that she had always dreamed of having a glamorous wedding. One that was shining, shimmering and splendid just like the song from her favourite Disney story. She wanted lots of crystals, stunning gold accent pieces and enough pizzazz to make her guests feel like they were freewheeling through an endless diamond sky into a whole new world. And, that is exactly what Lavish Events by Design intended to create for her.

We designed an awe-inspiring canopy style entrance, accented with crystals, an extravagant crystal chandelier and stylish up lighting. We created a custom backdrop, emphasized by gorgeous gold posts, and accentuated with white silk flowers, and alternating crystals and chandeliers hanging above a sweetheart table. The tables were adorned with artfully crafted centerpieces, designed using coordinating hurricane vases, with floating candles, and exquisite gold and crystal candelabras.

It truly was a wonder to be seen, however, nothing was more wonderful or stunning than the bride. Estefany’s beauty team, (Makeup and Hair by Lil, and Aura Huete) came together to transform her into a princess ready for her own real life fairytale.

A special thank you to our co-vendors

Venue: Hellenic Community Center
Filmography: Attra Films
Cake: Grandma’s Oven Bakery and Cakes
Flowers: Springhill Flowers
Makeup: Makeup and Hair by Lil
Hair:Aura Huete