You have big plans for your big day. The dress, the suits, the venue, and the feast are all parts of that plan you can see, feel, and taste. But what about the decorations? They’re up there, somewhere in your mind, but you won’t actually get to see them all in place until the final days or hours (maybe even minutes!).

Who needs that kind of pressure? You left the food and the formal wear to the professionals – here’s why you should do the same for your decorations!


They’ll style with consistency

Decorators have the big picture in mind; they see when things work and when they don’t. Without this expertise, decorative pieces can be hung up or placed somewhere that looks good at first, but will require looking hours of examination before you notice it’s out of place. That time could be during the wedding! If you want all the elements to come together harmoniously, hire a trained eye.


They’ll work with the space they’re given

It isn’t always the size of the venue that’s important, it’s what you do with it. You could have booked the grandest hall in the country, but if you don’t have a plan for all that space, it’ll feel empty! A decorator can make the most of what you have, making large spaces feel intimate and small spaces feel expansive.


You’ll want something unique!

You probably have many ideas swirling about in your head, many of which you pulled from Pinterest or design magazines. Trying to replicate these crafty decor schemes by yourself will make it look inferior to the pictures or (even worse!) a direct copy of someone else’s wedding. The thing is, the people posting well-lit photos on Instagram and Pinterest usually aren’t the wedding hosts themselves – they’re the decorators!

A decorator can make the plans in your mind a reality, and make it so that you end up with decorations that aren’t a facsimile of something you saw online. Every detail of the day will be all yours.


Everything will look amazing in the photographs

Rarely do people skimp on the wedding photographer, and there’s a great reason: they make every part of the wedding look incredible. People want to remember their nuptials in the best possible light, and a good photographer will do that! But photographers aren’t the only ones working with the light. Decorators do too, and they work with the venue’s setting to make the whole place look amazing. This will definitely show up on the photos, and good decorations can make every shot, even the random ones, into perfect memories.


No stress on you and your party!

Getting the hall ready is a long process, but many people leave it to the friends and family of the wedding party, often hours before the celebrations begin. This puts undue stress on everyone who wants to enjoy this day with you! A decorator can relieve this stress and help you focus on yourself and your loved ones before you walk down the aisle.